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Monday - Yaxham Village Hall

4.00-4.30pm        Pre Primary Ballet

4.30-5.00pm        Primary Modern

5.00-5.45pm        Junior/Intermediate Pop

5.45-6.15pm        Senior Pop

6.15-7.00pm        Grade 6 Modern

Tuesday - Swaffham

4.00-4.30pm        Primary Modern 

4.30-5.00pm        Primary Ballet 

5.00-5.45pm        Junior Pop 

5.45-6.30pm        Grade 1 Ballet/Modern

6.30-7.15pm        Senior Pop

7.15-8.00pm        Senior Tap/Modern

Wednesday - Northgate Dance Studio 

4.30-5.00pm        Primary/Grade 1Tap 

5.00-5.30pm        Grade 2 Tap 

5.30-6.15pm        Grade 4 Modern

6.15-7.00pm        Grade 3 Tap

7.00-7.45pm        Grade 5 Modern

7.45-8.15pm        Grade 4 Tap

8.15-9.00pm        Grade 6/Intermediate Tap 

Wednesday - Reepham Town Hall

4.45-5.15pm        Primary Ballet

5.15-5.45pm        Grade 1 Ballet

5.45-6.15pm        Grade 1 Tap

6.15-6.45pm        Pop

6.45-7.15pm        Grade 4 Tap

7.15-7.45pm        Grade 6 Modern

Thursday - Yaxham Village Hall

4.00-4.30pm        Primary Ballet 

4.30-5.00pm        Grade 1 Modern 

5.00-5.30pm        Grade 1 Ballet 

5.30-6.15pm        Grade 2 Modern 

6.15-6.45pm        Grade 2 Ballet

6.45-7.15pm        Grade 3 Ballet

7.15-8.00pm        Grade 4+ Ballet

8.00-8.45pm        Contemporary 

*Performance Team, Competitions and Private Lessons also available

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