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ISTD Ballet

Classical Ballet is any of the traditional, formal styles of ballet that exclusively employ classical technique. It is known for its aesthetics, technique and is flowing with ethereal qualities. The later syllabus work includes focused Pointe Work tuition. Centre Stage offers examinations in this style of dance.

Christmas 2019

ISTD Contemporary

Contemporary dance can be very interpretive in its choreography and includes elements of other styles of dance. The specially created ISTD contemporary syllabus introduces students to the fundamentals and vocabulary of contemporary technique, students will feel inspired, challenged and empowered.



Tap has evolved as an American dance form with its origins coming from African dance, Irish dance and clog dancing. Dancers use their feet to strike the floor making intricate rhythms from small metal plates on the toe and heel creating a distinctive sound. Centre Stage offers examinations in this style of dance.

Christmas 2013


Our pop dance classes incorporate hip hop, commercial, lyrical and any other style of dance that is done away from the traditional studio. Fun, energetic with no examinations, students can express themselves whilst learning routines to popular music.

Christmas 2019

ISTD Modern

Modern Theatre is often seen on the stages of musical productions. The ISTD syllabus incorporates elements of jazz, lyrical modern and contemporary in an energetic way that develops strength, flexibility, endurance and coordination. Centre Stage offers examinations in this style of of dance.


Zumba Kids & Zumba Kids JR

rocking', high energy dance party with kid friendly routines. We break down the steps, add games and explore different cultures within the class structure. 

The development of key childhood elements like coordination, team work, confidence, self esteem, cultural awareness and movement memory are just some of the benefits of this class along with promoting a healthy lifestyle. 

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